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Kava Pioneer

100K KAVA Testnet Developer Incentives

Sign up and deploy before mainnet to earn your share

Welcome Pioneers

The Kava Network combines the speed and interoperability of Cosmos with the developer support of Ethereum via a unique co-chain architecture. Submit your project and deploy to the Kava Ethereum Co-Chain testnet to earn your share of 100K in KAVA. Only 100 slots available!

100 Slots

Ethereum Co-Chain Alpha Is LIVE!

The Program

The Kava Pioneer Program is a unique, transparent incentive program aimed at bringing the world’s best EVM developers onto the Kava Network. 100 developers and teams that deploy their existing EVM-based protocols or new projects to Kava’s Ethereum Co-Chain prior to mainnet will share an incentive pool of 100K KAVA, paid directly on-chain by the Kava DAO.

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How It Works

  1. Submit your project using the form below.
  2. Deploy to the Ethereum Co-Chain following the Alpha launch on March 08, 2022 and prior to mainnet launch.
  3. Eligible projects will receive a pro-rata share of the 100K KAVA incentive pool based on their total time deployed on the testnet prior to mainnet launch, rewarding early pioneers.