Kava News: June

July 1, 2022
3 min read

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📢 Announcing Kava 11 — Details soon!

⛓️ Multichain joins forces with Kava for cross-chain interoperability.

🤝 Kava Partners with Celer to enable cross-chain asset transfers.

💰 Introducing Kava Earn

🥾The Pioneer Program concludes after bringing $3.77B+ value and 700K+ users a stone’s throw from the Kava Network.

🧠 KAVA MetaMask (EVM) wrapping tutorial

Kava 11 — Sneak Peek!

Kava 11 is set to launch Aug 31. When that happens, TVL is going to explode!

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Multichain Integrates with Kava Network

Multichain has completed integration with the Kava Network, opening cross-chain interoperability across eight chains with five ERC-20 assets (USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, WBTC).

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Kava Partners with Celer cBridge to Enable Cross-Chain Asset Transfers!

Via Celer Network, users can now bridge USDC, USDT, WETH, DAI, and WBTC between Ethereum and Kava quickly, securely, and at a super low cost.

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Introducing Kava Earn

Simplified DeFi strategies on the Kava Network, starting with BUSD.

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Kava Pioneer Roundup — Finale!

The Kava Pioneer Program finishes with a bang, welcoming eight new partners.

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How to Wrap KAVA to wKAVA (a Kava EVM Tutorial)

Unleash the power of Kava 10 and its EVM — here’s how to wrap and unwrap your KAVA tokens as ERC-20s via MetaMask on the #CosmosEVM.

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Ecosystem Updates

🗳️ Proposition #90 for payout to the winners of the Kava 10 $250K Giveaway is live! KAVA holders vote now.

⚡ Kava EVM is live! More than 246K wrapped KAVA in just one month.

🧵 “DeFiYield is an all-in-one platform for safe DeFi investing. Users can manage, protect & grow their crypto assets using an integrated yield farming dashboard…” (continues) –@kava_platform

🧵 “The @MultichainOrg bridge to Kava opens up limitless DeFi possibilities.” (continues)— @kava_platform

🧵 “Sushi deploying on #Kava unlocks a new suite of DeFi products for #YieldFarming with max efficiency & speed.”— @kava_platform

📺 See the latest Kava Network review from Altcoin Buzz.

👀 Catch the latest Kava Deep Dive by Datadash.

✅ “Kava’s Ethereum Co-Chain hit a milestone — $500K in wrapped KAVA!” (continues)— @kava_platform

🧐 “Protocols are the catalyst for explosive growth in 2022. The average protocol brings $165M in TVL to a network once it deploys. Kava can reach $5B in TVL with the 50 protocols committed to deploy this year!” — @kava_platform

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