Kava Community Proposal for the Creation of Dual Foundation Structure

April 4, 2023
1 min read

It’s proposed that the Kava community creates new foundation structures to further the security, growth, and decentralization of the Kava ecosystem.

The proposed two foundation structures are as follows:

Kava Foundation

The Kava Foundation is an independent foundation dedicated to the security, growth, and decentralization of the Kava Ecosystem. The mission is to create the largest and most user friendly Web3 network in the world.

Core focus areas

Making Kava the most performant and secure blockchain for users and developers, as well as investing in the most cutting edge cryptography research and infrastructure.

Ecosystem Growth:
Setting a new standard for enabling growth and demand for thousands of Web3 protocols via on-chain growth mechanisms and unparalleled developer resources.

Fostering a community driven blockchain experience that is focused on solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

Kava Origin

Kava Origin is an independent foundation responsible for spearheading the innovation of the public and permissionless Kava blockchain; with an emphasis on initiatives such as scalability, security, consensus, decentralization, formal verification, and zero knowledge proofs.

Kava Origin is proposed to be launched in April of 2023, Kava Foundation is proposed to be launched in June of 2023.