Kava 15: KAVA Zero Inflation

Nov 14, 2023
5 min read

Kava is set to be the first widely adopted Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain to have zero inflation. 

Kava 15 mainnet launch goes live December 7th enabling one of the most anticipated features of the year, permanently reducing KAVA inflation to zero on exactly midnight Dec 31st.

The circulating KAVA supply is set to the Max Supply KAVA supply. No new KAVA coins can be created. KAVA coins can only be destroyed (burned). All KAVA inflation mechanisms are zero’d or removed from the chain protocol, reinforcing Kava’s commitment to a stable and predictable ecosystem.

Post-December 31st, Kava chain’s operations will migrate to a sustainable model, driven by transaction fees, emissions from native projects, and interim allocations from the Kava Foundation. This model aims to not only maintain but also generate a net surplus of KAVA through on-chain activities. The Kava community will have the discretion to either burn this surplus or reinvest it to foster further adoption, enhance security, and promote decentralization within the network.

The community-backed Proposition 141, passed in May, laid the groundwork for this transformative change. It necessitated comprehensive modifications to the Kava reward structure, shifting from an inflation-based system to one sustained by accumulated fees, native project emissions, and temporary Foundation support.

Join the upcoming Kava 15 AMA session on Telegram this Thursday, November 16th at 3:00PM EST for an in-depth discussion on the implications and opportunities of this shift to zero inflation. Stay updated with the zero inflation countdown and latest developments by following @KAVA_CHAIN on Twitter.

More Key Updates and Developments to follow for Kava 15

Enhanced Developer Support with Kava 15 Testnet

The Kava 15 update marks an exciting phase for Dapp developers, offering the testnet as a robust platform for rigorous testing and refinement of applications. This initiative ensures optimal performance and reliability in real-world scenarios, allowing developers to perfect their Dapps in preparation for deployment on the Kava Chain.

Revamped Reward Mechanism for Stakers

Kava 15 introduces a new reward-claiming mechanism for the staking community. While maintaining a familiar process, this update shifts the reward source from inflation to the community pool, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. Stakers can expect a streamlined experience in reward claiming and staking activities.

Comprehensive Testing Phase for Enhanced Security and Stability

The testnet phase for Kava 15 is crucial for extensive testing, going beyond a mere preview to a month-long period of rigorous scrutiny. This is vital to fortify the security and stability of the Kava Chain, ensuring that each feature upholds the highest standards of functionality and safety before the mainnet launch.


The Kava 15 mainnet release on December 7th culminates achieving a Zero Inflation sustainable future for Kava which stands as a pivotal moment in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. This milestone not only introduces enhanced features and support for developers and stakers but also heralds a new era in the Kava ecosystem with its transition to zero inflation. This significant move towards a stable and sustainable economic model is set to have a profound impact on the DeFi landscape. It invites a broad spectrum of participants, from traders to developers, to engage with a pioneering platform that is reshaping the future of DeFi. The Kava 15 mainnet update, with its focus on stability and innovation, promises to be a transformative step for the Kava community and the broader DeFi world.

For continued updates and insights on the Kava 15 launch and its journey towards zero inflation, follow @KAVA_CHAIN on Twitter.