Kava 14 Opens Native Cosmos Assets to Ethereum

July 4, 2023
4 min read

Kava 14 makes roundtrip Cosmos to Ethereum asset conversion more seamless and secure than ever. The Kava 14 ‘internal bridge’ upgrade gives Cosmos users and EVM dApp builders a better, more secure way to transfer native Cosmos assets to and from Kava EVM.

Introducing the Kava Internal Bridge

Kava’s internal bridge is a Cosmos SDK module that holds accounts capable of managing balances and owns ERC-20 smart contracts on the EVM side. By integrating the internal bridge at the blockchain and wallet levels, Kava offers a more seamless user experience.

All Cosmos users, as well as Kava EVM's money markets, exchanges, and DEXs, stand to benefit from this upgrade. Now, these entities can support all native Cosmos assets. Not only that, Cosmos users can now easily access a native-level experience in Ethereum ecosystems dApps like Uniswap, Compound, Curve, etc.

How Does It Work?

Users can lock a Kava Cosmos SDK asset on the Kava Cosmos side, which is then issued as an ERC-20 to the user on the EVM side. The internal bridge is a unique module that is an address capable of receiving and sending tokens. When depositing, the internal bridge locks incoming Cosmos assets, then mints them on Kava EVM. In the withdrawal workflow, the internal bridge burns and releases assets to the recipient back on the destination side.

The Key Difference: Internal vs External Bridges

The Kava internal bridge stands apart from other external chain bridges which attempt to integrate two different heterogeneous databases and state machines. Such external bridges can introduce complexity, timing issues, and potential attack vectors.

The Kava internal bridge transacts funds on the same ledger, ensuring that transactions are atomic — a series of transactions will execute in totality, or not at all. This design mitigates the vulnerabilities that external bridges are exposed to, similar to how the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) changes states between different ledgers with guaranteed commonalities and compatible datasets.

The Kava 14 upgrade paves the way toward an exciting DeFi future within and beyond the Cosmos ecosystem. 

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