Kava 13 Mainnet Upgrade Is Coming

March 15, 2023
4 min read

The Kava ecosystem has seen an explosion of growth across Cosmos and Ethereum in the first quarter of 2023. With the spike in demand, comes a greater need for speed, security, and performance. To meet this need, the Kava 13 upgrade will deploy architecture enhancements to help developers scale and accelerate their protocols, and optimize the user experience across the Kava ecosystem.

Here’s a preview of the upgrades Kava 13 is bringing to Kava protocols and users:

1. Kava EVM 2.0 Is Coming

Kava is scaling fast to meet the influx of traffic across Cosmos and Ethereum and to deliver better performance to protocols and users. Kava EVM 2.0 improves performance in two major ways: full node software optimization and hosting provider expansion.

The Kava Full Node architecture upgrade to v2 brings faster and more reliable performance for RPC providers and validators. Significant updates and improvements to the Kava EVM will support new protocol onboarding by eliminating downtime and accelerating requests to process large amounts of data from both protocols and wallets (like Metamask). 

The increased computing power of Kava 13 comes from optimizations to the EVM software itself, enabling transactions to process faster and concurrently, and from adding more dedicated hosting partners to help secure the network.

2. Seamless Cosmos–Ethereum bridging

The new internal bridge uses the security of IBC consensus to let users send native Cosmos assets to the full range of protocols deployed on Kava EVM. The seamless bridging experience reduces the number of clicks, waiting, and uncertainty of relying on third-party middle-chain bridges.

Kava 13 will unlock liquidity on both Cosmos and Ethereum and increase the utility of wallets, dApps, and assets on both Cosmos SDK and EVM chains.

3. Advanced vault control

The Strategic Vault controlled by Kava DAO is getting a significant upgrade, giving the community more autonomy and flexibility over how they support emerging protocols in the Kava ecosystem. With the expanded functionality of the Strategic Vault, Kava DAO will be able to manage its treasury and deploy resources to any protocol on Kava. In addition to sending rewards to wallets or batches of wallets, the Kava 13 upgrade will give the Kava DAO control over supplying liquidity, asset swapping, portfolio diversification, and more.

Kava 13 is a major upgrade for growing numbers of developers and users looking to leverage Kava’s unique chain architecture that combines the speed and interoperability of Cosmos with the developer power of Ethereum. 

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