Kava 11 Liquid Testnet Giveaway

Sep 30, 2022
3 min read
UPDATE (10/27): The Kava 11 Liquid Testnet Giveaway has concluded. A huge thanks to the thousands of #Kavalry troops helped to test the Kava 11 revolutionary feature Kava Liquid! We expect to announce the winners in mid-November.

Help test the Kava 11 revolutionary feature Kava Liquid and win a part of $15K in KAVA prizes!

UPDATE: Kava 11 Liquid Staking Mainnet Launch time has been updated to Wed Oct 26, and the total KAVA reward pool has been increased. All previous entries still count and the doubled rewards will also apply to them. These changes have been reflected in the following article.

Calling all #Kavalry — The Kava 11 Mainnet launches October 26th, and Kava is hosting the Liquid Testnet to ensure the Kava Growth Engine™️ runs smoothly.

To celebrate Kava 11 launch and to test the Liquid Staking feature, Kava is giving away prizes from a $15,000 in KAVA token pool.¹ Kavalry, here is your mission:

Get familiar with the Liquid Staking tool, help Kava test the new features, and make sure to report any bugs you find and any feedback you may have.

As a thank-you to our community for their invaluable help, by following all the steps in the list, users will qualify to earn one of the 400 prizes of the total 10,000 KAVA token pool.

Prepare for the rise of Kava 11 by testing the Liquid Staking feature that will unlock massive value to Kava TVL and rocket the project to the top 10 on DeFiLama.

How to Be Eligible

Users need to sign up by filling out the form using their Kava Address, then connect their wallets to the Kava 11 Liquid Testnet. Once users connect to the Testnet, they can navigate the Kava Liquid app and take a first look at its features.

Users will receive an amount of Testnet KAVA and USDC tokens, and then they need to supply the tokens to Kava Earn. By doing so, four hundred participants will be randomly selected to win an equal piece of the 10,000 KAVA prize, as long as they take all the steps in the app listed below.


  • 10,000 KAVA tokens divided into 400 prizes (25 KAVA each)
  • Total prize pool value in US dollars: $15,000

¹The listed total prize pool value is based on the KAVA token’s approximate open market value on October 10, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

How to Participate

  1. Sign up by filling out the form at kava.io/kava11#testnet with a Kava address
  2. Users will be prompted to click on the App page. Once there, connect to a Kava 11 Testnet wallet by clicking the button “Connect App Wallet”
  3. Access the Kava 11 Testnet faucet and receive Testnet tokens
  4. Supply any amount of KAVA or USDC to the Kava Earn module
  5. Optional: Retweet the announcement tweet, follow @kava_platform, and tag three friends.

Note: Actions on Command Line Interface will not be eligible for the giveaway.

How to Report Bugs

Find a bug? Click this link to find the bug reporting form: https://wkf.ms/3eMogpo


Save the date! The activity period for the giveaway will run for at least 2 weeks. Keep an eye out for updates via Kava’s Twitter.

Event Kick-off: 00:00 UTC, September 28, 2022

Event End: Through mainnet launch

Payout Proposal: TBD — Watch the official Twitter feed

Payout: TBD