How to Supply USDC to Kava Lend

March 22, 2023
5 minute read

Step 1

Go to Satellite Bridge and select the network your USDC is currently on in the ‘From’ dropdown list and select Kava in the ‘To’ dropdown list.

Tip: If your network supports USDC (not axlUSDC), you can swap for axlUSDC from any of the pools listed here by selecting a network.

Step 2

Enter the Kava EVM address from your MetaMask wallet in the destination address box, then click the ‘Generate Deposit Address’ button.

Tip: Do not enter a Kava.cosmos wallet address (Keplr, Trust Wallet, or Ledger) or your assets will be lost forever. If you are unsure, click the ‘Autofill’ button beside the destination address field.

Step 3

Confirm that you are sending axlUSDC to your destination address by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button. 

Tip: Make a small transfer first to ensure your destination address has been entered correctly.

Step 4 

Click ‘Send from MetaMask’ to sign the transaction in the MetaMask popup box, then click ‘Confirm’ in MetaMask. 

Tip: Note the ‘Estimated wait time’ to see how long your transaction will likely to complete

Step 5

After receiving axlUSDC in your MetaMask, go to the Kava App& supply axlUSDC. You can simply click ‘Supply to Lend’.

Step 6

Adjust the amount of axlUSDC you want to supply and click ‘Supply’ to start earning rewards.