How to Bridge USDt with Stargate

Sep 20, 2023
4 min read

Stargate Finance, the leading omnichain liquidity layer with an impressive 18B in lifetime transaction volume, is now integrated with Kava Chain’s Cosmos-Ethereum interoperable Layer 1 blockchain.

This integration unlocks ~90 million (at the time of writing) Tether USDt natively issued on Kava to the Cosmos ecosystem and provides access to Kava and Cosmos DeFi giving users a more cost efficient and secure cross-chain transaction experience.

There are two steps to get USDt from MetaMask on Ethereum Mainnet, to any Cosmos IBC-enabled appchain. Depending on your goals, you can now use native USDt on the Kava or Cosmos DeFi ecosystems.

Here is a breakdown of each step:

Step 1: Get USDt off Ethereum Mainnet and onto Kava EVM 

1. Setup

  • Navigate to:
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet and select the originating network: Ethereum Mainnet (or any other supported network) where your USDt balance is.
  • Go to the Kava dApp and connect your MetaMask wallet:  (MetaMask will auto-poplate and switch to the Kava EVM Co-Chain)

2. Transfer USDt to Kava EVM Co-Chain

  • Ensure you have enough ETH in your Ethereum Mainnet wallet to cover any gas on destination chain’ or other network-specific fees
  • Select USDt in the Transfer From dropdown and choose the originating network and Transfer To Kava EVM as the destination Network
  • Input the total amount of USDt you want to bridge
  • Review fees and adjust slippage — the price change you're willing to accept during the transfer — default is 0.5%
  • Click ‘transfer’ and confirm the transaction in Metamask
  • Confirmation may take time depending on network congestion and other factors.
  • Once complete, you will get a confirmation notification from Stargate Finance
  • Switch the network in MetaMask to Kava Co-Chain to verify the bridged USDt tokens have been received

Now that your USDt is on Kava Chain EVM you can use it in any of the Kava ecosystem dApps including Kinetix, Equilibre, Mare, Curve, and Sushiswap. Or, if your ultimate goal is to use your USDt in the Cosmos ecosystem, you can continue with Step 2 to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Step 2: Get USDt onto any IBC-enabled Cosmos appchain

1. Setup

  • Navigate to: 
  • Connect MetaMask with to the USDt in your Kava Co-Chain EVM wallet
  • Connect your Kepler wallet to receive the USDt on Kava IBC chain  

2. Transfer USDt to Kava’s IBC-enabled chain

  • Input the amount of USDt you want to transfer
  • Select the Sending Chain ‘Kava EVM’ and Receiving Chain as ‘Kava’ (this is Kava’s IBC-enabled chain)
  • Click ‘transfer’ then ‘Sign’ both prompts in Metamask and click ‘Done’
  • Open your Keplr wallet to ensure transferred USDt is now on Kava’s IBC chain

3. Transfer USDT to any Cosmos appchain

  • Navigate to: 
  • Click the Sending Chain drop-down and select Kava (this is Kava’s IBC chain)
  • Click the Receiving Chain drop-down and select your appchain - for example, Osmosis
  • Input the amount of USDt you want to transfer and click ‘transfer’ to send it to any Cosmos IBC-enabled appchain

Now you can use your USDt on Osmosis, and soon, many other supported IBC-enabled appchain. Follow Kava Chain on X (fka Twitter) for the latest launches, integrations, and updates.