Binance Officially Supports Kava EVM – including support for native USDT on Kava

March 18, 2024
2 min read

TLDR:Tether’s USDT is the largest stablecoin in the world and Tether chose Kava to deploy native USDT as the gateway to USDT on the Cosmos. Binance is the largest exchange in the world. Today Binance furthered its 4 year long partnership with Kava by officially supporting the Kava EVM and Kava’s native USDT integration enabling Binance’s 182M+ users to seamlessly onboard to Kava’s ecosystem.

Kava Chain is thrilled to announce that Binance’s support for Kava EVM is now LIVE. Kava enters an elite group of only a few major L1s that have both a native USDT integration and full integration support by Binance. The strong relationship between Binance and Kava is entering its fourth year, and the bond has never looked stronger. After winning the 2020 Binance Launchpad Project award, Kava has continued to grow with Binance year after year. The introduction of USDT & WBTC within the Kava ecosystem is a game changer and has brought unprecedented levels of liquidity that benefit both users and developers alike. 

Binance and its over 182 million user base are well-positioned to help accelerate the wider adoption of the Kava ecosystem while also benefiting from the ease of moving digital assets like KAVA, USDT, and WBTC that Kava has integrated.

One of the key drivers of the Kava ecosystem’s success has been the introduction of USDT and WBTC. The ecosystem benefits from the integration with Binance through exposure to its large user base, which helps to foster the growing adoption of Kava-native products. Binance will act as a super-highway of liquidity for USDT between the largest L1s like Ethereum and Tron to the Kava ecosystem. Also as a result, Kava-native products tend to have an easier road to listing on the Binance, which helps to create a virtuous loop of adoption.

The Binance user base benefits from the integration by gaining easily accessible and secure exposure to USDT, WBTC, and KAVA, as well as exposure to Kava-native products on Binance. This ease of access should not be understated. Binance’s large user base is a significant driver of the crypto market, and WBTC is considered to be the most secure and safe form of wrapped Bitcoin.WBTC brings a number of competitive advantages to the Kava ecosystem. Primarily, it introduces over $6.5B worth of liquidity into the ecosystem by seamlessly connecting the world’s largest digital asset with the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. This is due to the use of BitGo as the custodian of WBTC and their strict adherence to ERC-20 standards. The use of WBTC also enables the native minting of WBTC directly on the Kava Chain, which, for Binance end users, makes accessing and leveraging the token extremely streamlined and accessible.The Binance and Kava EVM integration is poised to unlock unprecedented levels of USDT and WBTC Liquidity between the EVM and Cosmos networks. Binance’s user base is sure to be a driving force of this integration as it seeks to take advantage of Bitcoin’s underlying value while leveraging USDT’s deep liquidity pools within the Kava ecosystem.