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Exponential Growth

Liquid Staking Evolution

Kava 11 drastically expands avenues for TVL growth in the network through liquid staking and by supporting Kava EVM assets in Mint and Lend.

Supercharged by the $750M+ Kava Rise growth engine, Kava 11 will bring an explosion in TVL growth and protocol onboarding.

Liquid Staking

The first fully-convertible staking derivative, Liquid bKAVA. Earn more rewards on top of staking rewards using Kava protocols.

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Kava Earn

Automatically optimize yields on ERC-20 stablecoins and many other cross-chain assets. Boost your staking rewards by supplying bKAVA to Kava protocols.


Sign SDK transactions for Ethereum assets in a single MetaMask Wallet.

The Kava Foundation brings next-gen governance for safeguarding Kava L1 growth.

Liquid Tesnet

Help test the Kava 11 revolutionary feature Kava Liquid and win a part of $15K in KAVA prizes!

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