Kava 9 is Coming

January 19 16:00 UTC

Testnet is Live

ATOM Edition

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The Kava 9 mainnet upgrade will connect Kava to the Cosmos and unlock new assets and earning opportunities with the integration of the IBC protocol.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) integration will unlock the ability to easily onboard IBC-enabled assets onto the Kava network. It will also enable Kava users to move native Kava assets off the Kava network to be used and traded on other chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.
One of the biggest benefits of the IBC integration will be the ability to bring IBC assets onto Kava and earn with them in Mint, Lend, Swap, and other protocols coming to the Kava network in the future. This includes $ATOM, $LUNA, $UST, $OSMO, and many more.
Kava Launchpad is one of the first major steps to opening the Kava ecosystem up for new projects to onboard. It will allow projects to raise funds and increase their brand awareness prior to launch by distributing tokens as rewards to $KAVA stakers.
ETH Bridge Modules
Kava 9 will also implement the core infrastructural changes required to activate the bridge between Kava and the Ethereum Network. These modules will enable the future activation of the ETH bridge without the need for a hard fork.
Dev Tools
In addition to the major interoperability and useability upgrades that Kava 9 brings to the Kava Ecosystem, it will also deliver several essential pieces of developer functionality. These will pave the way for the onboarding of new projects to the ecosystem and improve useability for existing validators and users.
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Kava 9 Testnet Complete

Winners to be announced by January 29, 2022

A powerful tool was created to connect all the blockchains. Its name? The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). It gave its users the power to move untold wealth at warp speed across space and time. Thanks to its power, the cosmos prospered. But, one thing was missing: loans.

The citizens of the cosmos amassed vast hoards of tokens, but had no way to use them as collateral to earn even greater yields. That is, until now. Kava, a blockchain with powerful lending capabilities, is preparing to connect with the IBC.

It is a pivotal moment for both Kava and the “IBC Gang”, as the consortium of blockchains had come to be known. But, turning on the IBC is not without its risks. The citizens of Kava, known for their dedication to rigorous security, put out a call for brave explorers to help them test their integration before opening the floodgates to the cosmos. A hefty bounty was offered and thus, The Loan Wars began.