Cosmos USDt

Join Kava Rise Cosmos USDt to bootstrap stablecoin liquidity on Cosmos and receive a pro-rata share of monthly KAVA rewards to incentivize your users.

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How It Works

Complete the form above to enter your project into the Kava Rise Cosmos USDt program. That’s it!

Distribution Method

  • Monthly rewards start at 100k KAVA for the first month. Then will increase to 200k KAVA per month pending governance approval.
  • A monthly assessment will be conducted on Tether USDt deposits across eligible chains and appchains.
  • Deposited amounts will be tracked regularly for consideration in the payout calculations.
  • Distributions will be sent to the verified addresses of participating chains and appchains as liquid KAVA tokens.


  • All projects that submit their project using the Kava Rise Cosmos USDt submission form above are eligible.
  • Tether USDt that is deposited onto Cosmos chains via an IBC transfer from Kava's EVM is eligible for the program.
  • Only the chains ranking in the top 10 for the highest time-weighted IBC deposits qualify for a share of the reward pool.
  • Chains that fall outside the top 10 will not be eligible for a share of rewards.